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Sister Support


Sister Support 

Supporting sisters in need.

Thank you for reading these stories and offering your support!
We truly can change the world and lift each other up when we come together.
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Avery's Epilepsy journey

Avery is an intelligent, fearless six year old with a contagious smile. She resides in a quaint cabin, tucked between the knotty pines of northern Minnesota, with her mother, father, and younger sister. She attends kindergarten at the local elementary school. She is an eager child, overflowing with creativity and curiosity and compassion.
In May of 2016, Avery was diagnosed as epileptic.
This has become such a difficult journey for our family, and especially, for Avery. She has such a free-spirit. She is a light to all who are graced with her presence. It is unimaginable, for those who care so deeply for her, to witness her battling such a ruthless medical condition. She is surrounded by an infinite amount of support, though, and she is the bravest child that we know. She will conquer this. We will conquer this, together.



From our TRIBE de MAMA North Carolina group Admin Ashley Sipes- 

My friend Mackenzie Benge's daughter Madilynn was born May 2, 2016. Madilynn has complete DiGeorge syndrome. Meaning, she doesn't have an immune system at all and she will need a thymus transplant in order to live. 

"I was about to take her home to Lenoir when the pediatrician heard a harsh heart murmur. The murmur led to the discovery of a rare congenital heart defect. The CHD led to the diagnosis of Truncus Arteriosis. That then led to immediate open heart surgery. Surgery went well. At 1 week old, Madilynn was on the road to recovery. 
On her eleventh day of life, I got devastating news; Madilynn was born with Complete DiGeorge Syndrome. She's the first in NC to have COMPLETE DiGeorge. The irony is that despite no child in North Carolina ever having this specific type of illness, the only place in the country this type of transplant can take place is at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. There's a long waiting list, but I've been told by Duke that Madilynn is next on the list due to her condition. I will be forever grateful to Duke for the rest of my life."

We are asking for help for Mackenzie, so that she is able to stay with her baby for six months in a hospitality house. Mackenzie is currently unemployed, staying by her baby's side full time. Though the hospitality house can go by income, it still is not affordable to stay every night for six months.



Jane and Ava 's story

Jane left her an unfulfilling and damaging relationship when Ava was just a baby. Years on, she, and young Ava pay for that decision, every day. "I came to a point of sadness and packed my car, strapped my baby in and drove away, that was 8 years ago". Since then, the harrasment, the manipulation, the court cases, the abuse - psychological, financial, emotional and physical has been endless. 
Jane has had family law orders, intervention orders, locks changed, worked with psychologists, counsellers, family therapists and is currently seeking help through a womens and childrens family violence service.
It doesn't stop. Jane is never free from her controlling ex partner.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.08.31 PM.png

One of our sweet sisters is raising money to convert a school bus to a bio-fueled solar powered home and apothecary on wheels so she can spend the next two years traveling to further her education and practice in herbal medicine! 
From Dani Gallagher, Roaming Soul Apothecary
"It is my dream to be able to give back what I learn in the future by teaching classes and setting up an herbal growing sanctuary property."
She is seeking the support of our community. 

You may connect with Dani on Instagram @roamingsoulapothecary