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TRIBE de MAMA is a global community of women that holds events throughout the world in addition to publishing a quarterly magazine

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Please read the following information thoroughly to determine if these are opportunities that call to you.



The TRIBE de MAMA Gatherings are intended to casually bring sisters together connect in the flesh, enjoy each others’ company, and establish new bonds among all the women of the TRIBE. Specific experience is not necessary to become a gathering host ~ any woman is welcome to volunteer. These events should be easy to organize. Participation is encouraged among all the ladies attending and children are always welcome.  The gatherings may be anything from a picnic at the park to a lunch-time potluck at someone’s house to and evening clothing swap…there are many possibilities!  These events do not require tickets or donations.



A TRIBE de MAMA Ceremony is an intentional event, involving focused ritual and offered by an experienced facilitator. This facilitator will guide the women through an organized process. Examples include full moon rituals, red tents, or new moon ceremonies. If you do not have experience leading a group of women in ceremony, we suggest reaching out to other sisters in your area for support and possible collaboration.  This could be through personal connections or through our global Facebook group and/or Instagram.  Additionally, ceremonies may or may not include children depending on the nature of the event.  

If you choose to organize an official TRIBE de MAMA Ceremony, there are basic guidelines that we recommend. We have put together a list based on our experience here in California, but please do not feel limited to these ideas when creating a ceremonial haven for your local TRIBE. Observing these guidelines will help form your gathering the same way it is forming every other TRIBE de MAMA Gathering around the world, which we hope will be powerful uniting force.  These events are typically donation based.



Formally organized, require registration, are meant to teach a specific skill or offer a deeper understanding of a particular subject. (basically they organize and we help promote!) If you are interested in more information about these partnering opportunities please contact



If you feel called to join us in partnership for either or both options, you may fill out the application HERE


Filling this out is a way we can meet and get to know you as a leader and facilitator. Please give us some time to review your completed application. We will reach out in time to go over next steps.