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Klara Miller

  Photograph by Sabastian Alonzo

Photograph by Sabastian Alonzo

ShoShan Lotus, a yogi out of Dallas, TX, has unearthed a connection to her womb through a cyclical practice she has coined Wholistic Womb Yoga. This practice acknowledges the natural life cycles of the womb such as menstruation, feminine sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, birth, post-natal recovery, perimenopause, and menopause. The practice includes feminine movements, postures, breath work, visual embodiment, mantras (sounds), and meditation.

The following interview with ShoShan, conducted by TRIBE de MAMA founder Dori Varga, offers deeper insight into this practice, discussing its inception and benefits for all women.

How did you find out about WOMB yoga? And what is WOMB yoga?

One of the most beautiful things about being a yoga practitioner is that you’re taught to listen to your body. About seven years ago I noticed my body was yearning for movement that honored and embraced my femininity, especially during the time of my moon cycle. There weren’t many resources out there, so I began to create my own practice. I had learned to observe the cycles of the moon through journaling and began charting my own moon cycle, as well as practicing movement that honored my feminine energy, blessing my womb with healing herbs and words, meditating, and eating life giving foods. Over time I noticed that when I practiced from this space my energy would shift instantly. I had created a ritual of practice that would change my life forever. The wisdom I tapped into allowed me to live my life with a greater intelligence than I had ever imagined. Knowing this, I knew I had to share this practice with other women. I started introducing it to my doula sisters and private clients, and they loved it. This is how Wholistic Womb Yoga came about. 

How can this practice change a woman's lifestyle?

When she practices centered through the womb, it shifts her consciousness and gives her a sense of empowerment. She gains a greater intelligence about her body and the messages it wants to share with her. Through ritual of practice she cultivates an understanding that her womb not only gives birth to beautiful children, but she gives birth to purpose, connection, relationships, dreams and projects. It becomes a way of life that aligns her with the natural rhythms of her physicality. Wholeness is her mantra and as she evolves, so does her family, friends, and community.  

How is this practice different than other yoga practices?

Womb Yoga doesn’t follow the teachings or text of any lineage. It focuses on the natural physicality of a woman’s body, while honoring and supporting the health of her womb throughout her emotional and physical state of being. It’s purely intuitive and feminine centered.

Would this practice be beneficial for transgender WOMBen? Could this possibly help them connect with their deepest femininity and inner goddess?

Womb Yoga can be practiced by anyone. I believe the power of feminine energy lives within us all, and when we practice connecting to the Divine, we are connecting to the inner feminine.

Connect with ShoShan through her Instagram @_shoshanyogii