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Cultivating Clarity in our Cyclical Experiences

Klara Miller

Written by Loren Carlile

 Art by  Neil Krug

Art by Neil Krug

Women and the moon have long been symbols of the goddess, the Divine Feminine force that flows within and throughout our sacred bodies. Both move gracefully through the waters of change, our energy ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning. Our wise ancestors slept upon the Earth beneath the moon, aware of the connection we have cultivated with this celestial body throughout our evolution. Today, many of us have lost touch with our connection to the moon. As women, this often means that we have also lost this connection with ourselves - we no longer understand the language of our moon cycle (reproductive cycle) and the lunar cycle. Yet, this ancient wisdom is not something to learn - it is remembered. We hold intuitive wisdom within, activated through awareness in our cyclical experiences. This knowledge empowers us to create the life we desire and offers a profound connection to our bodies and universe. Although the lunar cycle and our moon cycles are similar, theyre not one in the same. Your Moon cycle may or may not align with the lunar cycle, and it has the potential to shift throughout your life. Rather, these cycles inform and relate to one another.

The female reproductive system has four phases, like the moon. We begin each cycle with the Menstrual Phase, or moontime, which correlates to the New Moon. Physically, this is a time of release, of shedding our uterine lining to make space for new potential life. The act of bleeding is a form of detox, cleansing our bodies for the cycle ahead. Energetically, we are self-nourishing and focused inward. Our increased sensitivity is a blessing during this time, as it opens us to the subtle worlds that we bypass in our everyday awareness. The New Moon also embodies these deep energies. A time of reflection and release, the New Moon asks us to turn inward, to renew ourselves so that we may move forward with space for whats to come.

Next, we enter the Follicular Phase, connected to the Waxing Moon and characterized by increased estrogen as multiple eggs race to mature for ovulation. This bursting forth of growth on the physical plane is mirrored in the energy of this phase, which is concerned with new beginnings, growth, and setting intentions. Our energy is still self-nurturing, but were open to new experiences. Just as multiple eggs race to mature, possible experiences arise in our lives, allowing us to place focus on those we want to manifest. Our creative energy is increasing and we walk the line between our inner and outer worlds. Once an egg has fully matured, it bursts through the ovarian wall and we move into the Ovulatory Phase.

The Ovulatory Phase correlates to the Full Moon, the symbol of abundance, power, vitality, and manifestation. Here, we are called to claim our power. This culmination coincides with the energy of our Ovulatory Phase, characterized by heightened creativity, self-expansion, and fertility. On the physical plane, our egg is now ready to be fertilized. On the energetic plane, the intentions we set are coming to fruition. It is during the time of the Full Moon that we see what we have been cultivating, consciously or subconsciously.

We then move into the Luteal Phase, connected to the Waning Moon. Physically, we are preparing for our moontime. Just as the Waning Moon, this phase focuses on maturity and harvest. Our energy wanes as our sensitivity heightens. Moving back towards the inner landscape of our being, our body and soul are again preparing to release with our moontime.

Our body speaks a sacred language all its own. Through charting just two fertility signals, basal body temperature and cervical fluid, we become clear on our cycles and how these relate to the Lunar Cycle. We then can offer tailored support to ourselves through sacred self-care practices.

All we need to track our moon cycle is: five minutes, a basal body thermometer, and an awareness of bodily sensations. To incorporate this into your routine, keep a thermometer next to the bed. Each morning, before doing anything else, record your temperature before checking your cervical fluid. To check cervical fluid, run your fingers along your vaginal lips and observe the quality of the fluid there. Check your cervical fluid throughout the day to gain a clearer picture of your current phase.

When observing your recorded temperatures, look for a thermal shift. Pre-ovulatory temperatures range between 97 - 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit, while post-ovulatory temperatures range between 97.6 - 98.6. The shift indicates that ovulation has already occurred and that you are in your Luteal Phase. The Luteal Phase comes to an end once you begin bleeding.

Cervical fluid also fluctuates throughout your cycle. When you experience clear, slippery, egg-whitecervical fluid or slippery, lubricative vaginal sensations, you are in your Ovulatory phase. During the other phases, cervical fluid is usually drier, creamier, and cold, although many women also experience days without any cervical fluid.

Just as ancient women knew their cycles, they knew how to support themselves through each phase with nourishing self-care practices. One of the oldest, most powerful ways to honor your moon cycle is a blood offering. This is when you return your blood to the Earth, through freely bleeding upon the Earth or collecting your blood and pouring it over the Earth in ceremony. Allowing our sacred blood to flow down our root chakra into the Earth grounds our power as women. With this act, we embody the essence of the Divine Feminine.

Another way to support your womb is through balancing and activating your sacral chakra, which is associated with the reproductive cycle, mental creativity, and sex. As all physical manifestations first exist in the non-material, discomfort in our moon cycle is often due to an imbalance or block in the sacral chakra. A simple meditation can open and activate the sacral chakra.

1. Sit, legs crossed, hands in Venus Lock (interlaced fingers, right pinky on bottom) at the level of the ovaries.

2. Chant Vamfor 3 - 31 minutes.

Yet another practice to honor your moon cycle is uterine self-massage. This is a powerful practice, increasing circulation to the uterus and promoting relaxation. Lie down on your back, warm your hands, apply some oil, and breathe into your abdomen. Gently press on your uterus, located just beneath your pubic bone, and draw it towards your navel. Hold for ten seconds. Then, release and repeat, doing this 10 - 20 times in total. This can be practiced any time during your cycle.

Perhaps the most ancient way of nourishing our wombs is with the gift of water. Water is the element our wombs associate with, as it deals with creativity, flow, emotions, and change. Ritual bathing is a practice that nourishes us on every level, and can be made even more luxurious with salts, essential oils, and essences. However, immersing ourselves is not the only way to connect with our inner waters. Drinking herbal infusions hydrates, cleanses, and nourishes the body. Using womb-supportive herbs such as red raspberry leaf, nettle, licorice root, and ginger, whether in a bath or a teacup, will offer an even richer experience.

As we flow through our unique cycles, guided by the moon aglow in the evening sky, we possess the choice to open to the wisdom within and surrounding us. By engaging in these practices, we honor the cycles of the Divine Feminine spirit and our internal cycles. May we always choose to open to this ancient, intuitive wisdom buried deep within. May we move through this journey filled with the light of our cyclical experiences, cultivating clarity and connection to our Self and our universe in each blessed moment.

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