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BooKlubs April Read: The Red Tent

Ruby Ali

April 2016 Tribe de Mama BooKlub

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

By K.C Brezina


If I had a copy of the novel The Red Tent for every time this book has been recommended to me I could probably give everyone a copy (I totally wish that was a reality!) Many have said how every generation of women in their family has read and cherished this book beyond any other, once I started I could easily see how it has become a bookshelf staple in many homes. Published in 1997 The Red Tent became a word of mouth bestseller moving on to be published in 25 countries including Japan, Finland, Portugal, Korea and Australia to name a few. The Red Tent is a New York Times Best Seller and in 2014 was adapted into a miniseries by Lifetime TV.

- “We walk with Dinah as she learns from her mothers about sexuality and relationships, copes with the limitations of a highly patriarchal culture, and loses people she loves.” –Christianity Today

- ”Readers identify with The Red Tent for many reasons. Book group members tell me that it had inspired conversations about everything from the experience of childbirth, to mother-daughter relationships, to the importance of women’s friendships, to the role of women in their religious traditions. Many readers say that they love the book because of the way it affirms the essential dignity, power, and integrity of women’s lives.” –Anita Diamant  

Starting in April we call all of our Tribe de Mama bookies to gather and read this book so we may reflect and discuss on it together. Please find us on Facebook at Tribe de Mama BooKlub to join in and share with us your thoughts and how The Red Tent has impacted your life.