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I'm In Love, And For The First Time, It's Easy

Dori Varga

Words and Art by Alexa Piqué

 Illustration by Alexa Piqué

Illustration by Alexa Piqué

Ever since I could, Ive been in love with a man. Ten years; two relationships. During the last ten years, I have been single for 6 months. Being in love was always one of my priorities. I was obsessed with loving someone else, caring for someone else, catering to someone else, worshipping someone else. Yet I never felt full. The men could never love me like I wanted them to, and so there was always something missing.

When I meet people, I tell them that technically I have been in this body for twenty-five years. I am a twenty-five year old Woman. But what I never leave out is that I was born three and a half years ago. I say this because this is when I truly became myself. This is when I awoke, when I began to expand my mind, when I began Ascension. It is no coincidence that this is also when I began an extremely transformative journey with my first Soul Mate.

My Soul Mate changed me, he reached into my body and flicked on a switch, his words branded my skin, his kiss drowned me, his hands engulfed my naked body with such righteousness that I will forever compare a mans touch with his. Our love became so difficult, so passionate, so dramatic, that after three years of being physically together, during a very sweet moment, things became clear to him that it just was not working. I felt it too, only I could never walk away (or so I thought). The pain and dissatisfaction seemed to be a simple thing to deal with, compared to breaking us. Five months after moving to California together, I found myself lugging my suitcase onto a plane that was heading to Canada, and I felt as though I was moving backwards in time.

It has been two months, and I know that we made the right decision. I am finally shedding a skin that was not my own, and I am beginning to really care for myself, developing an intimacy with all that I am. I am containing all of my loving energy and letting it immerse within me. I am feeling myself at all times, becoming One with my Divine Feminine. As I nurture myself, I can feel the seed within me growing. My intuitions are becoming stronger, my power is full of light, and my vibrations are dramatically shifting higher and higher. I feel worthy of it all, I feel beautiful, I feel open.

I am full.

I am born again.

I was born twenty-five years ago, then again three and a half years ago, and I am being born again right now. I am content, yet I know that this is not my last Rebirth. I will always seek growth, working towards full alignment with my Higher Self. The Universe is joining forces with me, allowing all that I want to come towards me, and experiences seem more fulfilling. I love myself in a way that nobody else could.

And it all started when I allowed myself to fall in love with Alexa.