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5 New Year’s Sexual Resolutions That Will Blow Your Mind

Klara Miller

Written by Juliet Allen    Illustrated by Tina Maria Elena

It’s that time of the year again, that time when we begin to think about what we want to bring into the new year … and what we want to leave behind. It’s a powerful time; a time to reflect on how our sexuality has impacted our lives over the last year. It’s a time where we get a chance to let go of limiting belief systems and manifest new ways of being within our sexuality as empowered women.

I myself have had a year of crazy, sexual exploration and for the first time I’ve dived deep into the world of Kundalini and Tantra. This way of living and loving has completely and utterly blown my mind, and my outlook on life in general has shifted dramatically (not to mention the energetic orgasms I’ve been experiencing simply by using breath, sound and movement).

Over the festive season I encourage you to think about what experiences you want to bring into 2017 and then manifest those simply by meditating on them over the New Year. Here are 5 New Year’s sexual resolutions to get you kick started:

Cleanse your bedroom and create a space for intimacy and exploration

Our bedroom is a sacred space, and there’s nothing worse than cluttering the bedroom with yucky energy and material possessions. I recommend doing a good clean out of this space, both energetically and physically. This will encourage new sexual energy to flow freely and new magic to appear in your life in the new year.

Explore tantra and take sex to a whole new level

Tantra is choosing with awareness what gives us joy. Tantra is seeing the body as the true temple. Tantra is being totally present yet totally out of control. In my mind, tantra is a portal into a joyful life and orgasmic daily experience. Tantra takes sex to a whole new level that is indescribable! Make time in 2017 to explore tantra and introduce it into your lovemaking. 

Use eye gazing and practice fucking each other solely with your eyes for at least an hour each week

Eye gazing is a powerful practice that involves literally looking into each other’s eyes and exchanging energy. It’s possible to have full body orgasms just by using this simple exercise (and of course having the right sexual connection with a lover/beloved). Spend time just eye gazing, without the intent of touching each other or reaching orgasm. You’ll surprise yourself just how powerful this experience can be.

Get yourself a rose quartz pleasure wand

This year I purchased my very first rose quartz pleasure wand (aka dildo), and it’s seriously the best dildo I have every come across. I love how it energetically fucks me and love that it’s so natural and grounding. If you want to explore self-pleasure with the intent of increasing self-love, I can’t recommend a rose quartz pleasure wand more highly.

If you’re in a relationship, commit to ‘date night’ once a week

‘Date night’ could save your relationship. So many couples fall into the ‘too busy’ excuse, and all of a sudden the sex and intimacy disappear. Committing to a regular date night gives you the opportunity to reconnect during a busy week and spend time together without phones, kids and work commitments.