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Dori Varga

By Anna Braybrooks, Art by Sille Lund

 Illustration by Sille Lund

Illustration by Sille Lund

Ascension is a natural part of the evolutionary process of the Universe. It is an evolutionary stage which involves reaching a place where one is ready to raise oneself to the frequency of Light, whereby the fifth dimension becomes accessible and visible. There is no need to even know about or understand Ascension to experience it, it is simply a word to define this evolutionary step.

All stages of evolution are wonderful and contain their own beauty and wisdom. However, many believe that Ascension is a special stage that involves transition from the third dimensional reality of duality to an awareness of oneness, harmony and love. By moving to the fifth dimension, one passes through the fourth and releases all buried emotion and thoughts that have too dense a vibration to permit that being to raise him or herself and the lower subtle bodies into the higher frequencies of light. These new concepts may seem impossible, but not long ago people thought walking on the moon or talking to someone over thousands of miles was impossible.

The planet is currently releasing negative energy, raising physical form and surrounding subtle bodies. We have an opportunity as inhabiters of the Earth to choose to release all lower levels of density and move from a reality based on materialism and separation to one based within the heart center and oneness of all life. This is available to all humanity because the Earth is ascending. Everything is in Divine order and those on Earth at this time are destined to tune into this assistance from the planet. People may choose to re-link with Source energy, release their patterns of limitation, judgement and separation and move into the loving heart space. It is achieved by following Spirit at any moment, following your heart and going with what feels right.

The Earth was once a ball of perfectly distributed energy. Through humankind's journey on Earth, believing in 'limitation' has caused an uneven distribution of this energy. Through negative thinking such as deforestation, pollution, etc., limitation thinking has reached deep levels of restriction. Many no longer remember they are Divine spiritual beings and connected to all living things. Humans no longer realize they are the creators of their own reality. The Earth agreed to allow humans to learn through her and she understood the various repercussions that could happen. The Earth operates from a place of Love and does not feel 'victim' or anger towards the apparent destruction of  her form. Everything in the Universe is done upon agreement. She watches with love and sees the struggle of humanity able to overcome the perceived boundaries.

The Earth now needs to re-balance her energies in order to ascend. We can assist her by focusing on Light around the world and creating healing within our own lives. In her love and compassion for all life on Earth and her own comfort, she prefers a pain and trauma-free transition. She does not need to correct the energy imbalance in a geophysical manner such as floods or earthquakes. As most mothers, she prefers a gentle and peaceful birth. If everyone did what felt right in their heart and followed their dreams, then each individual would be doing their part.

Avoid doing what you think you 'should' do out of guilt or pressure. If you do what feels right from a place of love and not fear, then you will be in the flow of Divinity. You will intuitively sense the next move. Another way to help the Earth is to keep your aura clear and free of negativity, this allows Light to flow through our chakra centers and down into the earth. You can do this by permitting only positive thought, pure intent, use of affirmations, non-judgement, moving from 'head to 'heart', realizing we are all brothers and sisters and becoming more loving. Other methods that assist in raising vibration and clearing lower bodies are color, sounds, crystals, and essential oils. Listen to your intuition and you will experience increased awareness and higher levels of evolution. It is time to step out of the box of fear and old belief patterns such as structure and control. It is time to move towards faith and trust, knowing there are worlds beyond that we cannot see with our eyes.