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TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective

Dori Varga

By Stepha Lawson, Ines Tucakovic Clark & Genevieve Slonim

Global sisters, we are pleased to announce that we are launching our very own fundraising group. The TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective (TDMFC) is our official humanitarian aid organization—a universal means through which any individual can help make a difference and nurture those who are suffering in our world. TDMFC works by raising funds to financially support causes and organizations that align with and speak to the ongoing mission TRIBE de MAMA was founded upon: to build, support and sustain our global sisterhood. TDMFC will also have a chapter dedicated to raising money to help individual Mamas and children in our TRIBE de MAMA community, who are in need, during times of financial hardship.

We wish to harness the collaborative energy of those around us and use our collective resources to co-create positive change in the lives of our global community. By utilizing social media and deep personal connections with various makers, artists and many different types of entrepreneurs, we plan to come together through various means to make a difference in the lives of those that need our help the most. Through partnerships with various organizations that speak to the TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective mission of humanity, compassion, refuge and education, we bring to light the many issues affecting our community today. We will be creating space in which anyone can help support and carry out the important work these organizations are dedicated to, and also ensure that sisters  in our community are receiving extra care when in need.


We are driven by compassion and the belief that all people should be safe and free to live their lives in peace and understanding.


We understand there is a call to something greater than ourselves and we wish to make a positive impact on our world, and make it easier for others to do the same.


The power of any single individual is undeniable. However, we wish to seek out deep relationships through meaningful partnerships with other organizations. Through partnership we can reach a wider audience and make a greater impact; bringing awareness to our mission and the issues we care about.

An online auction with many exciting and beautiful items will be held on TDMFC’s Instagram page starting February 20th to March 2nd 2016. Search ‘TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective’ and make sure you are following us for up-to-date details! If you feel called to contribute an auction item, have an idea you would like to share, or need more information, you can email us at:

The first official fundraiser of the TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective will go to support Midwives for Peace.

Midwives for Peace is a grassroots group of Israeli and Palestinian midwives who work together to ensure that childbirth is a safe and joyful experience for all women and babies. Dedicated to the heart of their profession and to the work of peace in a land divided by war, they have been meeting regularly since 2004 with open hearts and open minds. Birth is their bridge. Some of the women are home birth midwives, others the head of hospital departments. Each gathering begins with women telling stories of recent births they have attended. They share information from recent workshops or training sessions they have attended, provide resources, help one another network with professionals, and dialogue about the best practices they have developed.

Through a mutual love and support of women during childbirth there is always a feeling of unity and an outpouring of love and joy. By coming together from opposite sides of the Israel-Palestine border, across physical and national barriers, these women answer an urgent and persistent humanitarian need by promoting reproductive rights, providing critical prenatal care and childbirth support to women in the West Bank and Israel, building peace and supporting one another. Through a mutual belief that all people deserve to be safe, they strive to learn and understand one another. They gather and learn together, despite the ongoing armed conflict that has encircled their home for decades and affects them every day and despite the fact they have been told they are enemies. This container to hold and protect women and babies is severely segregated by war, as Israel and Palestine have been in conflict since the mid-20th century.

Each member of Midwives for Peace has been directly shaped and influenced by the armed conflict. Sometimes this looks like waiting for hours at a checkpoint manned by armed soldiers in an attempt to make it to a gathering. It is losing loved ones in terrorist attacks. It is living through wars with missiles and utilizing bomb shelters as a daily experience. In this region the politics are personal. Not owning a TV or reading the newspaper is not enough to remove yourself from the conflict. The conflict creeps into their daily lives. The drumbeat of fear, hatred, violence, division and separation blares loudly.

Regardless of the backdrop, the women who make up Midwives for Peace continue to meet—out of love for women and a respect for the Rite of Passage that is childbirth. They come together knowing that with each new baby that is born there is hope to heal the old wounds and create a different story of togetherness, love and community. They come together united by the deep conviction that ' Peace on Earth begins at Birth', (a popular slogan this group penned). They come together, as Palestinians and Israelis, understanding that ultimately their patients' health and well-being depends on ending the decades-long armed conflict that surrounds them. For these midwives their love of women, of birthing mothers, of newborn babies and of peace is so strong that all differences slip away and they are truly only 'with women'.  May we all be inspired by Midwives for Peace and look to childbirth as a way to heal ourselves and heal the world.

Funds raised will be given to The Interfaith Encounter. The mission from their website reads:

“We are an association dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study. We believe that, rather than being a cause of the problem, religion can and should be a source of the solution for conflicts that exist in the region and beyond.”

This Interfaith Encounter is a secure and reliable channel for our funds to go to help Midwives for Peace. Funds will provide both Palestinian and Israeli midwives the means to access necessary resources and supplies, continued necessary technical training on obstetrics and gynecology, and ensure Midwives for Peace can continue to meet and support one another as health care providers and as builders of peace, so they can continue to serve and heal their communities.